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Makes Windows more stable and responsive
Several special optimization methods reducing the space consumption and improving the performance. As a result you get a super fast, stable and clean Windows-System. more...
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'Fresh-PC' Feeling: WashAndGo Cleaner
WashAndGo is a virtual scrubbing brush for your PC. Our award-winning application provides an easy means of cleaning your whole system. WashAndGo removes garbage files within seconds and helps you to keep a clean and fast Windows system. Optimizing your PC couldn't be easier. more...
Optimize your PC
PC Fresh allows you to get the maximum out of your system. PC Fresh lets you tune your computer like experts do: You can increase performance, change hidden settings or optimize your PCs boot behaviour. All in one unique tool. more...
Take Control of your Windows Startup Process
Did you know that an average PC has more than 20 different applications that are launched automatically when you start your PC? A lot of those startup entires are unnecessary and they usually slow down your PCs starting time. StartupStar can help you with this problem. more...
Speed Up your PC: JetDrive
JetDrive defragments your files, accelerating the read and write processes. JetDrive effectively optimizes your hard drives. With JetDrive you can defragment your hard drives, single files or even your registry. JetDrive really boosts your Windows system speed. more...
Freebie: Check your hard drives for errors
Do you know whether your harddisk is free of errors or not? Check it now with our new freeware tool, CheckDrive. CheckDrive detects hard drive errors and fixes them immediately. CheckDrive is free of charge and 100% secure. more...
  • instalki.pl Logo " YouTube Song Downloader - instalki.pl , May 2015 "
    The YouTube Song Downloader is very easy to use. Noteworthy is the localization into Polish, including all options.
  • Komputer Swiat Logo " YouTube Song Downloader - Komputer Swiat , March 2015 "
    Youtube Song Downloader got a special 'Editor's Choice' award at Komputer Swiat, , one of the biggest polish technology websites and magazines.
  • Komputer Swiat Logo " CryptBox - Komputer Swiat , November 2014 "
    CryptBox is a tool to encrypt various types of data. The application has an easy-to-use interface and is equipped with wizards, allowing less experienced people should not have any problems in using this program. CryptBox offers the ability to create safes where you can store any files and folders. Safes in the operating system will be visible in the form of additional data storage media. (...) We recommend this program every user ! [Link]
  • PC ADVISOR Logo " Codify - PC ADVISOR , October 2014 "
    Codify is easy, secure and doesn't require any special knowledge.
  • Programosy Logo " AbAlarm - Programosy , July 2014 "
    Editors-Choice-Award! Using AbAlarm with it's smartphone-app like interface is a piece-of-cake. Magnificent optic. Programosys 5-star-recommendation!
  • PC ADVISOR Logo " Converter4Video - PC ADVISOR , April 2014 "
    Converter4Video works with all popular video formats to let you make playable your footage on any device, plus you can publish movies directly to YouTube.
  • CanadianContent Logo " CleverPrint - CanadianContent , November 2013 "
    TrustRank: Based on many factors, we give this program a Trust rating of 9 / 10.
  • DownloadCrew Logo " AntiBrowserSpy - DownloadCrew , August 2013 "
    Verdict: A versatile security tool which makes it much easier to monitor and maintain your browsing privacy.
  • CNET Logo " Abelssoft Backup - CNET , April 2013 "
    Abelssoft Backup's user interface is very simple, spare, and clean. That's fine with us, especially the "simple" part; this tool's look is a refreshing break from some other backup wares we've tried...
  • PC ADVISOR Logo " CryptBox - PC ADVISOR , November 2012 "
    Encrypt personal data with ease on your PC & laptop.
  • DownloadMix Logo " WashAndGo - DownloadMix , October 2012 "
    This program receives an “absolutely recommendable” from me... (Axel Gerken, Chief editor for DownloadMix.com, DownloadMix.de, Download-Apps.de und GamesMix.de.)
  • PC ADVISOR Logo " AntiBrowserSpy - PC ADVISOR , October 2012 "
    AntiBrowserSpy prevents your web browser from returning data to its creator, whether that's a unique ID or details of the website you visit. AntiBrowserSpy can also remove traces of your interent activities and perform a backup or your settings.
  • Softonic Logo " CCFinder - Softonic , September 2012 "
    CCFinder is the ideal tool for journalists, bloggers, owners of websites or even everyone who is looking for free images to use without infringing copyrights.
  • CNET Logo " WashAndGo - CNET , July 2012 "
    WashandGo has a very easy-to-navigate user interface that will appeal to novice and advanced users alike.
  • ComputerActive Logo " Abelssoft Backup - ComputerActive , July 2012 "
    A basic backup program, but better than Windows Backup and good value for twenty quid
  • ComputerActive Logo " MoneyFox - ComputerActive , June 2012 "
    Many personal finance programs are baffling to use, but MoneyFox is incredibly simple.
  • DownloadCrew Logo " SSD Fresh - DownloadCrew , November 2011 "
    Verdict for SSD Fresh 2012: Whether you have an SSD or not, SSD Fresh can boost your hard drive performance with ease.
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