Schirmfoto 2014

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  • Screenshots within seconds
    Schirmfoto creates screenshots with just one mouse click
  • Multiple formats
    Schirmfoto can save files in different formats including PNG, JPG and PDF
  • Upload and share
    Schirmfoto allows you to share your screenshots with friends, including facebook and twitter
  • XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 ready
    (Supports all 32bit and 64bit versions)

Screenshots within seconds

1-click screenshot
Schirmfoto is one the easiest ways to create screenshots for you. You can use a simple mouse click to create a screenshot or you can simply use the PRINT key of your keyboard.
Perfect integration
Schirmfoto is perfectly integrated into your Windows system. It will add a new button to your application windows - next to the normal close and minimize buttons. Creating a screenshot really couldn't be easier.
Many formats
Schirmfoto can save your screenshots in various formats including PNG, JPG or even PDF.
Instant upload
Schirmfoto allows you to share your screenshots with friends. A simple mouse click is enough to upload your screenshot to the web giving you a unique and simple URL that you can send to your friends.
Facebook and Twitter
Schirmfoto allows you to upload your screenshots to facebook and twitter if you wish.
Fit for printing
Of course you can also print your screenshots and you can copy them to your clipboard for easy reuse. Schirmfoto supports all printer models.
Image editing made easy
Schirmfoto provides you with a set of easy-to-use tools to edit your screenshots. This includes a text tool to add text information and it also includes tools to crop your screenshots or to highlight important aspects.
Free or Plus Version?
Schirmfoto is for free, but we would be happy to receive a small tip when you are satisfied with it. Doing so you will help us to continuously develop the software and you can put your questions directly to the responsible developer.
Ready for Windows 10
This application has been already optimized for Windows 10. This means for you: You don't have to care which Windows operating system you have installed, you can buy this application today and even when you are switching to Windows 10 you can continue using this application without problems.

User comments:

  • "Great company, works on altruistic principles of donation if are happy with
    their product, not shareware.I like several products like Schirmphoto, and
    CleverPrint which is eco-friendly. "
    Ralf L.
  • "I have downloaded several of your programs and am grateful for Schirmfoto, which
    works very well and I gave your company a donation. "
    Rainys A. Blekaitis
  • "We are just in the process to present you user voices for this product. "
    Team Abelssoft