GoogleClean 2015

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  • Prevents espionage
    Turns off the espionage features of various Google applications.
  • Deletes Traces
    Deletes traces of Google applications on your computer.
  • Automatic Trace Watcher
    Automatic check for Google application traces and automatic cleanup.
  • XP, Vista, Windows 7,Windows 8 and Windows 10 ready
    (Supports all 32-bit and 64-bit versions)

GoogleClean turns of espionage features

Take control about what Google knows about you!
Today Google "sees" everything. Most Google products like Google Desktop, Google Chrome, Google Picasa, Google Earth and Google Toolbar collect data about the usage, generate a unique ID and transfer them back to Google. GoogleClean can prevent this and switches off those data transfers. It allows you to use all Google products without any headaches and without having to worry about the consequences. GoogleClean does not influence the functionality of Google products. It takes away the bad things and leaves you the good things.
Switch off Google spy functionality
Many Google Applications collect Information about their users and send data back home. Google exactly knows which websites you visit and what contents you are looking for in the internet. It is almost impossible to deactivate some of these spy features manually. With GoogleClean you can switch off those data transfers easily.
Supported Google-Applications
GoogleClean supports Google Web Applications (Web Search, Mail, Maps, etc.), YouTube, Google Chrome, Google Analytics Tracking (included into many websites), Google Toolbar, Google Desktop Search, Google Earth, Google Updater and Google Picasa.
Cleans Tracking-Cookies
Tracking-Cookies were invented to observe your surfing behavior. Cookies are small data spies that are stored on your computer while surfing. Cookies enable websites to track much information like how long you remain on a certain web page or what for links you click.
Remove unwanted content from Google Search
Did you ever searched for yourself on Google and found results that you did not like, that harm your privacy or put you in a bad light? You can change that now! With the new "google remove proposal"-feature you are able to request the removal of those entries. Get back your privacy. Start now!
Delete Google-Traces
Find and delete Flash cookies (also known as Super-Cookies), form data, surfing traces and data garbage of Google applications.
Protect your Computer automatically
No need to delete surfing traces manually. The Google Radar is a small application that will permanently look out for Google traces and data garbage on your Computer. The Google Radar starts up with Windows and will keep your system clean automatically.
Ready for Windows 10
This application has been already optimized for Windows 10. This means for you: You don't have to care which Windows operating system you have installed, you can buy this application today and even when you are switching to Windows 10 you can continue using this application without problems.

User comments:

  • "GoogleClean is the bomb stop this corporation from spying on you. 5 stars "
    J. Halka
  • "GoogleClean is THE BEST!!! "
    Felix Movsesjan
  • "It would be fantastic if GoogleClean can make me and my name google-clean! ;-)
    Hey guys, come on. Help me to delete all the negative stuff in the web related
    to me. "
  • "GoogleClean is an affirmitive step in addressing the problem of profiling
    computer users. "
  • "This is a well conceived and crafted anti-spyware program which targets the
    packets of information generated and sent to Google upon using their products. "
    Henry Williams
  • "GoogleClean is without a doubt one of the most useful tools to keep your computer clean of the bombing of unwanted content from the Web."