Picolino 2014

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  • Your Online Photo Album
    Piclolino allows you to upload photo albums and to share them with your friends and family
  • Store your photos fail-proof on the Internet
    With Picolino you can store your photos on the Internet. So they will not be lost if something happens to your PC.
  • Password protected albums
    Assign a private album with a password to control who can see your private album and who not.
  • XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
    (Supports all 32bit and 64bit versions.)

Picolino - Features overview

Create album
Simply enter an album name, select your images and Picolino creating a picture album on the Internet for you.
Send your album
Share albums with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or send them an e-mail with a link to your album.
Watch albums on the internet
Look in your albums from anywhere with the album link. For example: http://picolino.net/330)
Image optimization
When you import the images to Picolino then you have the possibility to run a gray, sepia or contrast optimization to get even more out of your images.
Ready for Windows 10
This application has been already optimized for Windows 10. This means for you: You don't have to care which Windows operating system you have installed, you can buy this application today and even when you are switching to Windows 10 you can continue using this application without problems.

User comments:

  • "We are just in the process to present you user voices for this product. "
    Team Abelssoft